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Thank you for visiting HEART's home on the web!, below is more information about the creators of the film.


Jeffrey Luken Hartlage

Is the writer and excecutive producer for HEART.

He spent a year as a humanitarian pilot for Air Serv International and his emailed stories were the foundation of the adventure journal, “The Luken Files”, the basis for his documentaries. He is a board member of the One Small Step Fund, an organization dedicated to supporting orphanages in Kinshasa, D.R. Congo. He is currently an air ambulance pilot in the Hawaiian Islands.  




Kenneth Lundquist, Jr.
Director, Producer, Music Composer/Producer, Filmographer

He is the founder of WULFLYNX studios, a full-service arts consultancy. He was recently awarded "Filmmaker of the Year, NYC 2012" by RAW natural born artists.





WULFLYNX studios is an art consultancy that creates, produces, and presents the most original creative media. 
Specializing in film & music production, public art, and consulting/representing services for the finest artists in their craft. Visit kljinc.com for more...



GREENFLOWER MUSIC recording studio supports artists through all phases of their project. Production, CD duplication or replication, graphic design/artwork, mastering, marketing, online sales and the hiring of session musicians.


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