The Congo Chronicles



This documentary film traces a strong-willed mother’s efforts to rescue her only child, Olga, from the crushing, cyclical poverty of the Congo by sending her to the U.S. to be educated-at the risk of losing her forever. Based on his adventure journal, and narrated by Jeffrey Luken Hartlage, an American humanitarian pilot who lived in DRCongo for over a year; HEART, the Congo chronicles, demostrate the incredible persistance of an African mother who loves her child enough to let her go.
Plagued by a civil war and corruption, the Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the poorest countries on the planet. The true story take us from the squalid conditions in DRCongo to the relative opulence of Olga’s new home in Atlanta, Georgia – An achievment that not only changes the lives of the young girl and the gay male partners who adopt her, but also opens the door to subsequent U.S./Congolese adoptions.
The events and footage seen in HEART, the Congo chronicles, have never been captured before..

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